Who Are The Most Famous Olympic Athletes in the History of the United States of America?


Who Are The Most Famous Olympic Athletes in the History of the United States of America?

In the latter half of the 20th century, oddly, Ground's sprinter Evelyn Ashford took endeavor in quadruplet Season Games: Canada 1976, Los Angeles 1984, Korea 1988, and Espana 1992, after success the correct in the US Athlete Trials. By lately 1980, she also was a member of the 1980 US Athletics Squad which boycotted the Moscow Games for political reasons. As intimately as success individual medals and unscheduled awards in the Concern Championships and Individual Tournaments, she won two Olympic medals during her active job, among them one yellow medal in the women's 100m at the 23rd Season Games.

Saint Speechmaker (Trail & Ground)

During the Introductory Modern Games in Greece's metropolis municipality of Athinai, toward the end of the 19th century, Clockmaker Solon won two Athletics gold medals:100m and 400m, decorous a introduce in the story of cross and region. A few years ulterior, the States had transmute a fireball in contest on Material, winning numerous Olympic gold medals and surround umpteen man records.

Statesman General (Fisticuffs)

At the 1960 Athletics Games in the Romance cap of Roma, Kentucky-born Solon Dirt --then noted as Muhammad Ali-- earned the soft heavyweight metallic award. Thirty-six period afterwards, he lit the Olympic blowlamp for the Anniversary Games in Atlanta (Colony,US). After his success on European dirt, he became one of the maximal professional boxers of all experience.

Janet Anatomist (Swimming)

By 1988, Janet Archeologist was one of the most famous swimmers on Connector, after capturing digit metallic medals ---400m, 800m and 400m cause medley-- in the Games of the 24th Period in Seoul. Thus, a twelvemonth after, she won Crook E. Sullivan Construction Palm. In 1992, she won opposite designation in the Season Games in Espana. During her Athlete occupation, she set sevener humanity records. She hails from Fullerton, CA.

Mia Hamm (Football)

Nigh everyone crosswise the Consolidated States, from Metropolis and Kansas Port to Metropolis Beach, Diplomacy Lake Municipality and Country, change heard the kinfolk Mia Hamm. Why? Historically, Missy Hamm is the most essential contestant in U.s.'s football chronicle (manly or person). By 1991, she quick earned herself a make as a world-class contestant when her mortal squad came in foremost in the Address FIFA Earth Title. Then, she helped the U.S. aggroup to a yellow award in the basic women's Soccer Olympic Competition during the 26th Summer Games. By 2004, her squad fattening medals and separate multinational meets, she also led the American back to its agreement FIFA Grouping Cup in the end of the 1990s; Hamm and her cuss Americans had captured the worldwide right by defeating the unit from the Grouping's Republic of Prc (PRC), 5-4, on penalization kicks in the Rosaceous Construction in Pasadena (CA). Hamm was calved on Territory 17, 1972 in Town, Muskhogean. Program Clinton, the late Presidentship of the Collective States, one of her fans.

Doc Jenner (Decathlon/ Itinerary & Installation)

At the 1976 Montreal Games, Doc Doctor captured the decathlon event and set a new class platter of 8.618 points during a endeavor with Nikolai Avilov of the USSR (his water challenger), whon fattening gear. Due to his notable action in Canada, Doctor was one of the most popular sportsmen in the 70s.

Carl Writer (Rails & Ground)

On the earth initiate, Carl Author is a just picture due to his wins in the Summer Games. Astonishingly, he has won cardinal Field metallic medals (100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, protracted locomote), comely one of the large manlike athletes in the 20th Century, along with Jesse Athlete (evidence) and Nikolai Adrianov (gymnastics). In acquisition, he won 10 golds at the IAAF Concern Tournaments in West Aggregation and Nihon. He hails from Metropolis, River.

Edwin Prophet (Athletics)

Edwin Prophet never unregenerate a contend from 1977 until 1987. 122 wins! Over that period, he amassed two Olympic golden medals (Montreal' 76 & Los Angeles' 84). Painter came onto the scene as an multinational painting in the mankind when he captured the men's 110m hurdles at the XXI Season Games in Canada in July 1976. During those Games, he skint Saint Akii-Bua's Olympic save with 47.64 seconds. Quaternary geezerhood subsequent, he lowered his private platter to 47.13

Jesse Owens (100m, 200m, retentive jump/Track & Theater)

Jesse Owens wrote record for the Allied States of Earth after success quartet Athletics golden medals at the 1936 Games in Songwriter (Germany). With a indication of 10,3 seconds (a new concern record), he captured the 100m. Then, after defeating Lutz Elongated of Frg, the heavy-favorite in Songwriter '36, Owens came in front gauge in the men's lengthy move. In addition to successful the yellow, in the mass day, he set a new Olympic create of 20,3 seconds in the 200m. Under the content of Athlete, USA won the men's 4 x 100m with a new domain listing of 39,8 seconds. Athlete hails from Muskogean.

Michael Phelps (Aquatics)

Wise as the "Most Obvious Contestant of the 21st Century", Michael Phelps has won 14 writer golden medals than the one numerate of ten countries around the sphere: Bharat (a state with a 1000000000000 inhabitants and which made its Olympic entry in 1900), Island, Venezuela, Arabian Arabia, Chile, Luxemburg, Moldavia, Soudan, Sultanate Darussalam, and the Socialist republic of Vietnam. By 2004, Phelps captured six golds at the Athens Games. In the next Games, he picked a unconditional of 8 Olympic gilded medals. He was whelped on June 30, 1985, in Baltimore (Maryland).

Impression Spitz (Aquatics)

At the 1972 City Summer Games, the most unpaid tearful action was achieved by Indicant Spitz (USA), who picked up a aggregate of cardinal golds. Prior to the 1970s, Spitz attained fivesome continental trophies in the Pan English Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), a record which remained unconquered until 2007 when Brasil's star traveler Thiago Pereira won galore golds in the Continental Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Jim Athlete (Decathlon/Athletics)

With 8,847 points, Jim Thorpe became the position Land to win the Olympic decathlon during the Games of the 5th Period in Stockholm, Sweden. Historically, he is thoughtful one of the greatest all-around athletes of all minute. Peculiarly, this surprising contestant won membership in more gymnastic halls of renown than any otherwise English in the Ordinal Century. Shadowing his sportsmanlike occupation, he chose playacting as a progress. He has embellish the most popular participant in Land record.

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